3CEA project successfully nominated!

Congratulations to 3CEA for the successful nomination of their project to receive financial support from the Irish Climate Action Fund!

3CEA project successfully nominated!

As part of Project Ireland 2040, the Irish government has launched the new Climate Action Fund. Committed to making Ireland a leader in responding to climate change, the Climate Action Fund will provide at least €500 million in government funding to support initiatives that provide for the kind of step change that is needed. 

The first successful projects for the first round of the Fund were announced on the 28th November. Nearly 100 applications were received and €77 million is being allocated to 7 projects, leveraging a total investment of €300 million. 

FEDARENE would like to congratulate 3 Counties Energy Agency for their successful nomination!

The proposed project: Driving Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) Efficiently into Brexit

Up to €1.4 million will be provided to support the transport sector in reducing fuel consumption and emissions from vehicles by being smarter about transport use and by embracing new technologies. Over a two-year period telematic equipment will be installed in over 1,000 vehicles and appropriate training for the drivers will be provided. Through continuous monitoring and positive reinforcement of driving behaviour performance, the overall fuel efficiency is expected to increase by 10%. 

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