About us

FEDARENE was created on 6th June 1990 by 6 regional authorities – Rhône-Alpes, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur, Wallonie, País Vasco, Aquitaine and Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Encouraged by different programs of the European Commission, these authorities wanted to make the voice of the regions heard in the debate on energy and environment policies at the European level.

FEDARENE went from these 6 regions at its creation to 40 already in 1995. Following these dynamics, the Brussels Office was created in November 1991. Now FEDARENE counts more than 70 members in 20 European countries.

From the beginning FEDARENE served as a springboard for the creation of new agencies and as a crossroads for a wide array of agencies. These ones are not only the driving force behind the development of the network, but also play an essential role in policy making. They act both as producers of ideas on the regional, national, European and international levels, and as implementers of decisions emanating from these levels.

The diversity of members implies there is a vast array of competencies, thus providing solutions to almost all energy and environmental concerns. Locally, they raise public awareness through a diversity of actions, such as exhibitions, conferences, documentation services and meetings with local schools and professional bodies. They serve equally local elected officials and the public by helping and advising them.

Since 2008, FEDARENE is part of the consortium of European networks (with CEMR, Climate Alliance, Energy Cities, Eurocities, ICLEI) which forms the Secretariat/Office of the renown European initiative: the Covenant of Mayors For Climate and Energy.