Integrating energy sustainability at local and regional levels in Alba, Romania

Alba County has many natural resources which have not yet been harnessed. There is a high level of specific energy consumption in some economic sectors in Romania and Alba County. Meanwhile, several heavy industry companies have closed and generated unemployment. Also, energy bills represent an important part of the average spending of a household. Sustainable energy policies are required for all these reasons, and Alba County Council has assumed a leading role in this matter with an integrated approach.

Integrating energy sustainability at local and regional levels in Alba, Romania

Since 2007, Alba County Council has adopted a strong sustainable energy policy for a better development of Alba County. A set of integrated actions has been planned:

  • developing a strong vision for a sustainable future development
  • evaluating the local renewable energy potentials
  • setting up plans for sustainable energy at county and local levels
  • organising the management to develop the actions
  • mobilising funds for demonstrative projects
  • supporting the development of local markets for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
  • capacity building activities for key staff of local authorities and main stakeholders
  • raising the level of citizens’ knowledge in terms of energy savings and environmental protection

A participatory approach was used with the involvement of Alba County Council, Alba Local Energy Agency, Regional Development Agency ” and 10 Local Councils.

Key results were:

  • 80 staff members trained
  • Alba Energy Agency created
  • First Alba Energy Masterplan
  • 10 new Covenant of Mayors signatory municipalities
  • 8 SEAPs designed