Cyprus – Online Local Energy Balances tool

The Cyprus Energy Agency was appointed as the coordinator of Covenant of Mayors (CoM) activities for Cyprus by the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Union of Cyprus Communities. Since 2008 until now, 22 Cyprus municipalities have signed the CoM. The Pact of Islands is an initiative similar to the CoM but tailored to the particularities of islands.

Cyprus – Online Local Energy Balances tool

The Cyprus Energy Agency, established in 2009, developed an on-line tool called LOCAL ENERGY BALANCES for the calculation of local (municipal and community) Energy Balances in Cyprus (in toe). The use of this tool has been very useful not only for the creation of local baseline emissions inventories, but also in monitoring the impact of the implementation of local Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) measures.

The multi-level governance was a well implemented, the Cyprus energy agency was involved along with the 22 Cyprus local councils, energy teams and various Energy stakeholders.

With a budget allocated to the 3 parallel initiatives of between € 150,000 and € 200,000, astonishing results were accomplished between 2009 and 2013:

  • 21% energy reduction
  • 249% increase of local energy production from renewable sources (from 2979 MWh to 10391 MWh)
  • 20 % CO2 reduction.

A success factor is that the public was informed about the ongoing progress and it led to more long-term interest and appropriation of the transition towards sustainable energy. Moreover the responsibilities of each involved party were clearly defined.