Île-de-France Region, FR – Semi-Public Company “Energies POSIT’IF”

In the Ile-de-France region there are more than 4.7 M residential units, 72 % of which are in condominums (58 % private) of which half have a low energy efficiency rating . Condomium home-owners are reclutant to take on debts for energy renovations. This key barrier to tackle is the reason behind the creation of the SEM.

Île-de-France Region, FR – Semi-Public Company “Energies POSIT’IF”

The mission of SEM Energies Posit’If is to assist condominiums and small social landlords with their energy efficiency renovation projects, acting as a third-financer for a part or the totality of the project cost. SEM Energies Posit’If aims to:

  • Support the energy renovation of condominiums in Ile-de-France;
  • Support the actors of the building sector (public and private) in gaining skills on energy efficiency improvements.

The SEM covers all aspects of a renovation project:

  • Provision of advice and information;
  • Support to the finalization of the financing plan;
  • Possibility of third-financing;
  • Design and implementation of the energy renovation works;
  • Operation / maintenance and guarantee of energy performance.

In the future, the SEM will support local authorities as well for the energy renovation of public buildings. This extended role of the SEM will be addressed in 2014-2015.

A participatory approach at various levels was used involving IDF Regional Council, Local authorities, Caisse d’Epargne IDF and others.

With an overall capital of 5.32M devided between diverse actors, Énergies POSIT’IF was in contact with 25 condominiums after 9 months of operation. 8 are negotiating a renovation contract, representing 1,700 housing units and € 25 M of investments.

The political commitment, the shared vision and the access to funds have been determinant to launch the initiative.