OREGES, Rhone-Alpes’ observatory

OREGES – the Regional Observatory for Energy and Greenhouse Gases emissions of Rhone-Alpes (created in 2002) is involved in the elaboration of the regional plan for air quality, climate change and energy (SRCAE), co-designed by the regional council and the regional representation of the national state.

OREGES, Rhone-Alpes’ observatory

The purpose of the plan is to set orientations for the 5 coming years on these issues.

The observatory is monitoring:

  • Final energy consumption and energy production (mainly from renewable sources).
  • Energetic and non-energetic GHG emissions, including CH4 emissions from the agriculture sector.

It does not monitor air quality (the Observatoire Air Rhône-Alpes does that) or local impacts of climate change (the new ORECC – Observatoire Régional des Effects du Changement Climatique does that). Indirect emissions due to the consumption of goods produced outside the territory are not monitored.

The main input data used are: statistical data, average energy consumption rates, GHG emissions rates and real data from regional and local levels…

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