Östergötland County , SE – Improved follow – up of public administration staff mobility

Several local governments do not have an effective staff travel-related emissions monitoring system. Previous studies have shown that a main problem is the lack of follow up of implemented measures. The main reasons behind this are a lack of defined responsibilities and procedures in place for the monitoring the mileage, fuel use and environmental impact of staff mobility. The INEKT project aimed to fill this gap, by promoting the adoption of a staff mobility energy efficiency monitoring system.

Östergötland County , SE – Improved follow – up of public administration staff mobility

“INEKT – Information Management and Energy Efficiency for Local Authorities” aims to reduce emissions caused by these local authorities’ transportation through energy efficiency measures and their monitoring. In particular, through building routines in the local authorities’ organizations, and by demonstrating the economic benefits.

The project started with a survey investigating the conditions and problems in each of the public administrations concerned. With the help of a consultant, a number of municipal staff worked on identifying possible solutions to these problems. The results from this work have been summarized in a report, which includes examples of best practices and lessons learnt, and was disseminated to other municipalities and organizations during a workshop.

A participatory approach was adopted the project being a jnoint initiative between the Östergötland county administrative board, the Östergötland Energy Agency, the Östergötland county council and 8 of the region’s municipalities.

The project was funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the regional authorities and the local authorities involved. It has enabled a fruitful exchange of experiences between the municipalities involved. Each of them received tailored technical support in developing, managing and monitoring procedures for their energy efficiency measures.