Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, FR – AGIR(+) programme

Concerned for its future, the region of PACA took a strong commitment towards better managing its energy consumption. To take up this challenge, the region launched in 2006 a programme named “AGIR” (Action Globale Innovante pour la Région – Innovative Global Action for the Region) in collaboration with the National Energy Agency. Since 2011 the programme is called AGIR+. The programme was initiated to compensate for the development of the ITER nuclear energy project, with the following policy: for each euro invested in ITER, 1€ will be invested for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, FR – AGIR(+) programme

The programme provides technical and/or financial assistance to exemplary and innovative actions towards energy savings and renewable energy sources. It uses annual and permanent Calls for projects, some of which are permanent and others sectoral. The idea is to support a large variety of initiatives stemming from many different partners (public players, associations and businesses).

The programme has 5 axes under which the Calls are launched:

1. A dynamic energy transition for territories: local energy agencies created, 34 municipal sustainable action plans adopted,…
2. Refurbishment into low consumption buildings: training of trainers..
3. Production of clean energy: PACA is the leading region in France on photovoltaic electricity production,…
4. Exemplarity in ecologically approaches: 3.5 millions of km of individual car driving avoided,…
5. Involvement of a large number of citizens, of which 700,000 live in fuel poverty
A participatory approach was used: the regional council assesses, coordinates and funds the energy actions, in collaboration with ADEME (National Energy Agency) and the DREAL (state decentralised regional directorate for the environment) by co-financing projects. Local authorities then implement and monitor the actions.

The budget set by the region for this programme was € 70 M for the 2007-2010 period (AGIR) and € 60 M for the 2011-2014 period (AGIR +). The initiative appeared to lead to great results

Average 34 million kWh energy saved annually
22 million kWh electricity produced by new renewable energy systems
More than 100 jobs (direct and indirect) have been created
The long term involvement of the regions (over 8 years) had a major impact over the success of the initiative.