Province of Genoa, IT – Territorial strategy for energy planning

In the framework of the activities linked to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM), the Province of Genoa formalised, via two Memorandum of Understanding, its cooperation with local and regional authorities.

Province of Genoa, IT – Territorial strategy for energy planning

The first Memorandum of Understanding is signed at provincial level between the province and the municipalities joining the CoM in order to:

  • define the respective roles for an effective collaboration
  • promote the CoM as a strategic tool for the local development
  • share knowledge and data among the different public authorities working on the CoM;

The province of Genoa is also signatory of another Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Covenant-related activities but at regional level. The Steering Committee includes:

  • 3 representatives of the Liguria Region from the environment, economic development & education departments
  • 1 representative per Province (Savona and Genoa)
  • 1 representative of each provincial capital (having signed the CoM and the MoU)
  • 1 representative elected per group of smaller municipalities involved in the CoM

A participatory approach was used with the good cooperation at all administrative levels organised through the two MoU and also the province relied also on the expertise of local and regional partners (for example the in-house Fondazione Muvita, the regional Energy Agency of Liguria, the university of Genoa, the chamber of commerce,…

Great results were achieved such as :

  • 1 MoU between the province and the local authorities
  • 20 municipal SEAP and the provincial plan developed and under implementation
  • 1 MoU between the region, the 3 provinces and the representatives of the local authorities

Key factors were the choice made for a bottom-up approach and the strong interest at local level.