Renewable energy grants ensure sunny view

This project aims at encouraging households to install solar energy systems and at creating a sustainable financing model at regional level to support the investments with 40% grants.

Renewable energy grants ensure sunny view

Presentation of the project

The project has been running from 2009 to 2011 in four counties and several cities and municipalities in Croatia. Solar thermal collectors were selected according to proven efficiency and technological simplicity. Participating citizens could choose the manufacturer that they preferred and received a refund after the installation had been completed. The grants significantly reduced investment payback periods.


A total of 990 000€  (75% from the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund and 25% from counties involved)


So far, 255 solar thermal systems have been installed with grant support. Households are expected to lower their energy consumption costs for hot water by up to 65%. Annual energy savings are estimated to be around 1 million kWh. Moreover, at least 20% of the solar systems are manufactured in Croatia – a welcome boost to the local economy. All systems were installed by local companies with a sizeable impact on employment.


Other regions in Croatia have already introduced similar schemes.