South-East Region / Carlow County – IE Reducing electricity consumption

Carlow County Council consumes approximately 8 million kWh of electricity per year to run all of its operations, equating to a total electricity bill of €1.25 million per year. To reduce this expense and its carbon footprint, a pilot action was developed – which was formalised by an agreement – between Carlow County Council, the South-East Regional Authority, and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency (see Governance section on the right).

South-East Region / Carlow County – IE Reducing electricity consumption

The pilot action consisted of identifying and implementing energy efficiency improvement measures targeting the most energy consuming activities of Carlow County Council.

Based on preliminary assessments, the expected energy savings from each measure were calculated prior to commencing monitoring. These expected savings were then compared with actual energy savings recorded during the monitoring period. For these tasks, The Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency carried out the pre and post energy monitoring on each site. Where the monitoring has revealed that a measure’s estimated energy savings were not achieved, a number of key recommendations have been made by Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency to Carlow County Council

The Multi-level governance constituted a strong asset. Carlow County Council collaborated on this initiative with the South-East Regional Authority (SERA) and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency (CKEA).

With a budget of € 73,000 considerable results were achieved such as the 1.5 % reduction in the internal energy consumption of Carlow county council. Carlow County Council has made a commitment to reduce its energy consumption by 3 % per annum from 2009 to 2020.

Monitoring energy saving was of crucial importance to verify the effectiveness of measures implemented.