Southeast Sweden, SE – Biogas Southeast Network

The Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden was established in 1999 by an EU project under the Association of Local and Regional Authorities in Kronoberg. The Swedish regional biogas networks are organized within the biogas subsection of the Swedish Gas Association.

Southeast Sweden, SE – Biogas Southeast Network

Biogas Southeast Network is a multi-level governance regional network involving the three counties of Kalmar, Kronoberg and Blekinge, energy companies, federal associations, public transport companies and local authorities.

The network aims to increase the general knowledge and acceptance of biogas, both in the public and private sectors. It is cooperating with five other Swedish regional biogas networks. Besides knowledge dissemination, other working themes of the network are feasibility studies and background reports on biogas potential in the region. The development of a common biogas strategy and action plan for the region is another key priority of the network.

The network based of multi-level governance. It is coordinated by a project manager of the Energy Agency of Southeast Sweden. Members of the Biogas Southeast Network represent the entire chain from production to consumption of biogas. Together, the members have a wide knowledge of what is required for biogas to be a real option in the region.

Many results were obtained: 

  • 13 public and private authorities sharing their knowledge and debating about biogas
  • 3 biogas production plants established
  • Regional strategy of three counties produced
  • Raised local and regional awareness on importance of linking regional needs and regional demand.

The shared vision and the technical expertise were the main reasons of the success of the initiative.