Stockholm County, SE – Overcoming obstacles to improve municipal energy efficiency

Several municipalities of Stockholm County have set energy efficiency targets for the years 2014 and 2020, but experience problems in reaching them effectively. This initiative aimed to develop proposals on funding and organizational models to help municipalities overcome the obstacles they meet in realizing energy savings, in particular in their own buildings and operations.

Stockholm County, SE – Overcoming obstacles to improve municipal energy efficiency

A study was conducted with five municipalities in order to solve the difficulties they were facing on energy efficiency and to create ad hoc solutions for the most common problems which kept coming up. The study started with interviews of key people involved in energy management in the municipality.

Then workshops were held in each municipality to:

  • discuss the results from the interviews
  • conduct municipal SWOT analyses
  • gather suggestions on how to overcome the identified problems

A synthesis report of the analysis results was compiled, and then diffused to all municipalities of Stockholm County. Main findings include: many municipal employees feel that they do not have the time to work on energy efficiency. They face financial and organisational barriers reducing the productivity of the municipal workers. This study aims to support staff responsible for energy efficiency in municipalities to make progress in their work.

A participatory approach was used by involving the county administrative board Stockholm and 5 municipalities.

The study was financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and so far the project completed the first phase, in which a number of
recurring barriers and success factors were identified and solutions proposed largely by municipal workers themselves.

In order to succeed it was important to identify the most common barriers and opportunities of the municipalities.