Sustainable Tipp programme in County Tipperary

Tipperary Energy Agency (Tipperary, Ireland)

Sustainable Tipp programme in County Tipperary

In December 2016 Tipperary Energy Agency made an application to the European Investment bank’s ELENA Programme (European Local ENergy Assistance) for grant aid to support the delivery of a substantial increase in investment in sustainable energy via the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the County.  

Tipperary Energy Agency was successful in the ELENA application and as a result the EIB is supporting €37M worth of planned investment over the next 3 years.

To communicate and engage with the people of Tipperary, the agency has branded this energy transformation over the next three years of Tipperary’s housing, commercial, public and community buildings as the ‘Sustainable Tipp’ programme.

Sustainable Tipp was officially launched in 2018. Work in many of the supported projects is well under way and it incorporates such projects as: SuperHomes Ireland, Tipperary Healthy Homes Scheme and Energy in Agriculture 2018.