Wallonia region, BE – “Energ-ethical municipality” Charter

Sustainable energy actions need to be implemented at all levels of governance, however municipalities often lack the resources, capacity, and know-how for sustainable energy management. As a result they need the help of technical staff funded by the region and composed of energy advisers.

Wallonia region, BE – “Energ-ethical municipality” Charter

The “energ-ethical municipality” programme encourages communities to adopt a proactive role regarding energy management.

The programme provides a framework for municipalities to define their sustainable energy policy, and in particular funds the hiring of an energy adviser over an initial period of 2 years extended until now.

The local energy advisers have 4 main roles:

  • Manage the energy consumption of municipal buildings
  • control energy performance standards when granting building planning permissions (min. 50 files analyzed/year)
  • raising the awareness of municipal staff on energy issues
  • advise citizens on their energy management and public grant (office hours ensured at least 2 evenings per week)

The multi-level governance is well implemented, with the participation of regional public authorities such as ministers for energy and employment and also the involvement of municipalities and the union of towns and municipalities of Wallonia.

Since 2007, the 95 selected Wallonia municipalities (out of 262 – meaning 36 %) have received funding for their local energy adviser and have benefited from 66 local energy advisers funded by the region.

The municipal authorities have expressed that the local energy advisers have been vital in carrying out the local sustainable energy policies.