Zlín Region, CZ – Development of biomass and solar energy

This project is linked to the “Concept for reducing emissions and air pollution in the Zlin Region” and to the Regional Energy Policy of the Zlin Region, which highlights the role of energy savings, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources – to comply with local energy needs and the national energy policy.

Zlín Region, CZ – Development of biomass and solar energy

Natural gas boilers in Brumov-Bylnice were replaced with two biomass boilers (2 and 1 MW) and a natural gas boiler was upgraded (1.2 MW). The most of the annual consumption of the heat is produced by the new biomass boilers (4.500 MWh/year). The natural gas boiler was originally planned as a reserve top-demand source for the winter period and as a source for the hot water preparation in the summer period, however, nowadays the installed natural gas cogeneration unit is preferred mainly for integrated electricity and heat production. Furthermore, the boiler house and District Heating System were equipped with modern monitoring and controls system.

The main objective of this joint project was to provide reliable and affordable supply of heat to twelve prefabricated homes and ten other subjects. The project also aimed to contribute to improving the environment and ensuring the use of local sources – wood chips from landscape maintenance – for energy production.

A participatory approach was used by involving Zlín Region, Energy Agency of the Zlin region (EAZK), Municipality of Brumov-Bylnice, Brumov-Bylnice Services (utility company owned by the municipality), Municipality of Horne Srnie and Local biomass suppliers and SMEs.

Key results were an increase of RE share and regional self-sufficiency and a transfer of knowledge towards local authorities on the set up of RE plants.

The effective cooperation between the project partners at local/regional level (EAZK-municipalities) was a very positive factor.