Best practices from ENERGISE project

The European research project ENERGISE has just launched an online database of over 1000 best practice examples of energy initiatives from 30 European countries. 

Best practices from ENERGISE project

Over the past 18 months, the European project ENERGISE research team has conducted a systematic classification of over 1,000 existing sustainable energy consumption initiatives from 30 European countries.

The open access online database informs users about the content, scale, and objectives of sustainable energy consumption initiatives that specifically address final consumption, as well as providing an assessment of how the challenge of addressing excessive energy consumption is understood.

The initiatives were selected on the basis of a desktop study of material that was publically available on the web. They were looking for best practice examples of sustainable energy consumption initiatives which are defined within our project as activities that deal with reducing energy-related carbon dioxide emissions from households. This can either be in reducing the actual energy consumption or substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

The initiatives are found in the following countries: Austria (54), Belgium (46), Bulgaria (45), Croatia (35), Cyprus (14), Czechia (24), Denmark (36), Estonia (10), Finland (47), France (59), Germany (60), Greece (30), Hungary (45), Ireland (55), Italy (43), Latvia (27), Lithuania (10), Luxembourg (11), Malta (15), Norway (19), Poland (31), Portugal (31), Romania (24), Slovakia (29), Slovenia (49), Spain (61), Sweden (24), Switzerland (42), The Netherlands (47), and the United Kingdom (35).

This is a live database and it will be updated at regular intervals between now and the end of the project in November 2019.

A link to the online database is available here: http://www.energise-project.eu/projects


If you get an opportunity to check out the database and spot any errors or would like to make any adjustments to one project you are involved in, please inform the ENERGISE team.