Finalist of the 2nd edition of the Roger Léron Award in 2016, please meet Hans Gulliksson (Sweden), a frontrunner on sustainable energy issues in his region.


Hans Gulliksson, Sweden
→ A frontrunner on sustainable energy issues in his region

Mr Hans Gulliksson is the founder and former managing director of the regional Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden. He supported the region of Southeast Sweden to be a forerunner in the development of the process of decrease the usage of fossil fuel and increase the usage of renewable energy sources.





Actions undertaken:

Mr Gulliksson was an important player who started to lobby for RES and a more rational use of energy at a very early stage

  • He created Miljoresurs Linne : non-profit organisation for sustainable development
  • He created Bioenergigruppen i Vaxjo AB: organisation for R&D for improvement of biofuel heating plants, business development, emission reduction and particles impact on health
  • Between 1999 and 2014, Mr Gulliksson created and managed the regional energy agency, contributing to speed up the sustainable development in the region
  • Within the frame of the Agency, Mr Gulliksson’s engagement has reached out in Europe through a large number of European projects
  • He supported public authorities and politicians towards a sustainable development
  • He supported various technical projects: district heating plants, research on energy efficiency in larger industries in collaboration with universities, support of the local energy advising service and the everyday habits of energy usage…
  • Mr Gulliksson lead initiatives of awareness raising of citizens, using networking and communication
  • Mr Gulliksson has been a forerunner also in the field of mobility and transports

Multi-level impacts

  • Mr Gulliksson has followed the development of sustainable energies in his region during several decades, building and supporting partnerships between all stakeholders
  • The ongoing work lead by Mr Gulliksson has resulted in very early integration of energy and climate issues in the local and regional targets.
  • Both organizations Miljoresurs Linne and Bioenergigruppen i Vaxjo AB have had a large impact on the regional development for becoming a fossil free region
  • Mr Gulliksson, thanks to his diversified skills, has built and developed a link between the technical, political and communication aspects of sustainable energies, allowing a multi-dimensional approach to energy issues
  • By participating in numerous European projects, and thereby visiting more than 100 different cities and 23 countries, Mr Gulliksson has managed to share his pioneer experience across Europe
  • Through awareness-raising activities, Mr Gulliksson understood very early the importance of involving citizens in territorial sustainable development

Added value

Mr Gulliksson has been involved very early in matters of sustainable energy, which shows his vocation in these issues. He was already there when the topic was neglected by public authorities, and he kept lobbying until retirement. His involvement shows true devotion and has allowed his territory to follow his path as a pioneer in sustainable energy development, and example to follow in the matter in Europe.