LICEA, Life Cycle Energy Audit tool for SMEs

LICEA – Life Cycle based Energy Audit in Cluster SMEs, EUSEW
Thursday 26th June 2014, Brussels

LICEA, Life Cycle Energy Audit tool for SMEs

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Improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes enables reductions in primary energy consumption, thus in energy bills and in greenhouse gas emissions. This is strategic in improving Europe’s competitiveness.

Directive 2006/32/EC highlights the role of Member States to ensure the availability of efficient energy audit schemes, designed to identify potential energy efficiency measures, applied to all end consumers including SMEs. But while several efforts have been made on the standardization of buildings audits and energy certification, the industrial audit for SMEs still needs a specific scheme and tools. LiCEA aims to address this by creating a ‘SMART’ tool (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) for energy auditing in Cluster SMEs with the added-value of a life cycle approach revealing untapped energy saving opportunities.

At the end of the seminar, the LiCEA Tool for Energy Auditing SMEs in 6 Clusters (Textile Hosiery, Mechanical, Food Meat, Food Bakery, Hotel Spa,…) was distributed to all Energy Agencies and Energy Experts. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TOOL IS IN PROGRESS. IT SHOULD BE IN ITS FINALISED VERSION BY DECEMBER 2014 – so please keep an eye on www.licea.eu

Presentation slides: