Recommendations for an effective and inclusive LIFE programme 2021-2027

In the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework, the Clean Energy Transition will be moved to the LIFE programme. Discover our recommendations for a smooth transition.

Recommendations for an effective and inclusive LIFE programme 2021-2027

Local and regional authorities and their energy agencies are striving to accelerate their energy and environmental transition that is a driving force for innovation, job creation, growth, social inclusion and overall territorial development. To this end, Intelligent Energy Europe and Horizon 2020 have been instrumental to build their capacity, roll out innovative sustainable technologies, stimulate investments and support policy implementation programmes contributing to their clean energy, environmental and climate commitments.

Within the context of the proposed changes within the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and the creation of a specific sub-programme on the Clean Energy Transition, the FEDARENE Board and General Assembly of its members have carefully considered the opportunities that this change presents to Local and Regional Authorities and their energy agencies. While presenting another step change from the previous Intelligent Energy for Europe and H2020 programmes, in which regions, cities and their energy agencies have been extremely active and successful, this new programme has the potential to enable the energy transition to be accelerated and ensure our ambitious targets are achieved.

In view of current negotiations, FEDARENE formulates the following recommendations and proposals of amendments.